Wednesday, 17 December 2014

2015 Virtual Curriculum Fair begins soon

The goal of this fair is for bloggers to encourage and inspire homeschool families by giving them a look at what they are really doing with their children.  To share what really works for them and why it works.  It is a way to serve the homeschool community and help them find all that wonderful curriculum goodness that is out there today.

For some inspiration of what you will be seeing take a look at all the wonderfulness that was shared during the 2012 Virtual Curriculum Fair, the 2013 Fair, and the 2014 Fair!

This year’s dates and themes:
  1. January 5th---Playing with Words: the Language Arts---includes phonics, reading, writing, grammar, spelling, speech, literature, etc., etc., etc. Latin and foreign language studies could also go here.
  2. January 12th---Discovering Patterns: Mathematics, Logic, and Science---includes anything to do with mathematics, mathematical thinking, numbers, arithmetic, symbolic logic, critical thinking, and math-y sciences (physics, chemistry, etc.).
  3. January 19th---Exploring Our World: Social Studies and more Science---includes history, geography, world cultures, worldview, biology, botany, geology, etc., etc., etc.
  4. January 26th---Seeking Beauty: the Arts and Everything that Brings Beauty to Our World---includes any of the arts, handicrafts, but really ANYTHING at all that adds beauty to your homeschool.
Come read the VCF beginning Monday, January 5th!

Would you like to join us?
  • Susan from over at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds is currently accepting participants for the 2015 VCF.  If you homeschool and blog, she would love to have you join us.  She does not want to know about numbers or Facebook followers.
  • You can choose to participate every week or pick and choose which themes you will write about.  I promise that the guidelines are pretty simple and things like social media shares are optional. 
  • All participating bloggers will be a part of a closed Facebook group where you will be able to share your links for each week and I will keep you apprized of Fair happenings.  Buttons and banners will be provided.
  • If you’d like to be a part of the VCF, please go to the 2015 Virtual Curriculum Fair Facebook group and ask to join.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

HSMJ the one about Homeschool Blog Awards

Wow it's been a while since I posted my weekly Homeschool Mother's Journal. I've certainly been missing sharing with you here on the blog

The Homeschool Post
In my life this week…
I just received a surprising little note that has made me smile.  Every Bed of Roses has been nominated for voting in the 10th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards in the Best Homeschool Crafts, Plans and Projects category.  I would love your support in voting for me.  Thank you very much for the nomination I appreciate it very much.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

In our home school this week…

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
  • We attended a beautiful wedding last Saturday
  • A great birthday celebration for a new friend on Saturday evening
  • Went to my Mom to help make a Gingerbread House.

My favourite thing this week was…

 Things I’m working on…

 On the WWW I’m reading…

 I’m cooking…
  • A Gingerbread House for my Mom

 A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Very well presented. If you are reading this via email you can view the clip here: 5. Honor Your Father and Mother by The Prager University.


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Friday, 12 December 2014

Parenting Unchained {Review}

Recently on my blog I shared about a giveaway in connection with a new book I was reading.  As I've spent time reading Dr Dempsey's new book Parenting Unchained I've been constantly amazed at the goodness of God towards His people in the way He reveals Himself and equips the body of Christ to encourage us in our journey's as parents on earth.

Parenting today's generation is not for the feint of heart and any support and encouragement we can get as we daily walk this walk is something to grasp with two hands.

Parenting Unchained is a book that should be on every Christian parents shelf to be read over and over again to reinforce the biblical truth shared within to equip and empower Dad's and Mum's the world over in their roles as parents.

Today's culture is set up to undermine and destroy God's ultimate gift of family and Satan is out there to kill and destroy every good thing the Lord has made.  In Parenting Unchained Dr Dempsey reminds us that Satan deceives because he knows how valuable truth is.  In Parenting Unchained Dr Dempsey reveals ten deceptions facing parents today and shares biblical truth to break any hold and bring you victory.

Deceptions Uncovered

  1. It’s All About Your Kids; Your Character Doesn’t Matter
  2. You’re Capable; You Can Do This
  3. God Only Cares About Rules
  4. You Can Be a Parent Without Investing Much Time
  5. Teaching the Right Information Is Enough
  6. Why and How You Discipline Don’t Matter—Just Make Them Obey
  7. You Don’t Need to Talk About Your Faith
  8. Children Should Choose Their Life Course (You Don’t Need to Help Them)
  9. It’s All About Consistency (You Don’t Need to Adapt)
  10. Life Should Be Easy 
In each chapter the author shares a personal experience or story to clarify the deception.  He speaks with conviction and personal insight.  From there he shares a biblical truth and finishes each chapter with a series of home activities / questions to help you combat the lie with truth in a very practical way.

Book Description
In Parenting Unchained – Overcoming the Ten Deceptions that Shackle Christian Parents, Dr. James D. Dempsey reveals the ten most destructive lies about parenting. He writes from the heart about the way these lies infected his own parenting, and illuminates the Bible's powerful truths that counter each lie. Both Biblical and practical, each section ends with home activities to help parents take immediate steps to develop their kids' character--character that lasts when they leave home.

The last chapters focus on the most important adjustments parents must make with teenagers to prepare them for independence. Weaving humor into strong warnings, Parenting Unchained points out the hazards that derail the parenting journey.

Find out more about the Author and the book in this Author Interview

"If D6 sounds like code to you, it is. It's code for Deuteronomy chapter 6, where we find powerful words for parenting. But words must turn into action, and that's why exists. We want to help parents create a D6 culture in their homes."
I received
  • Kindle Edition of the book
  • 194 pages
  • Publisher: National Center for Biblical Parenting (July 12, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • Source ISBN: 1888685654
  • Kindle $ 4.94
  • File Size: 1889 KB
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Final Thoughts
I have been encouraged and equipped as I've read this book.  This new parenting resource has inspired me to keep my eyes focused on  the Lord and to be aware how the enemy seeks to destroy our families. 

I am once again inspired to continue to develop a Deuteronomy 6 culture within our home.

Parenting unchained has valuable information for parents of children of any age or stage.  

Parenting Unchained will inspire and encourage and most of all be like having an encouraging mentor walking alongside you.

Be blessed in this important task you have before you in raising a generation that follows the Lord and is light to the world around them



The Importance of Parenting from Scott Turansky on Vimeo.

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